Your Key to a Great Game

Having a good bowling ball is the equivalent of having the right key to your car. You can’t use someone else’s car key to drive your own car can you? I didn’t think so. The same goes for the game of bowling – it’s better to have a ball that suits you than using a ball that is too heavy or too light.

But I’m not going to scorn you for choosing the wrong ball. It’s common. So lets go over the basics of finding a good ball at the bowling alley.

The most important thing to remember in choosing your ball is to use a ball that suits your physical condition. Don’t try to be superman or superwoman and go and pick up the heaviest ball, resulting in you throwing out your back or your wrist, I’ve seen it happen too many times.

Adult males generally choose balls between 14 – 16 pounds and adult females usually choose balls between 10 – 14 pounds and kids should always choose ball ranging from 6 – 14 pounds. But I still must say regardless of whether you’re male or female, if these weights are still too heavy for you, choose a lighter ball. I know beginners who are well into their thirties that use balls between 6 – 14 pounds, to master the technique first. I suggest you do the same if the above weight is too heavy for you.

Choosing The Proper Ball Fit

How to choose the proper ball thumbhole size: It’s very simple, insert you thumb into the bowling ball’s thumbhole and if there is little room when you press to the other side of the hole, you’ve got a perfect fit. When I say this, I don’t mean go and get a ball with a thumbhole that is too tight, because it is extremely dangerous. Also remember don’t get a ball with a thumbhole that is too loose for your thumb. Don’t hesitate to pick up another ball if the hole is too tight or too lose.

Selecting A Customized Ball

If you’re someone who bowls often, it is in your best interest to stop using balls at the bowling alley and go out and get your own. Buying your own bowling shoes as well is best. You can’t be the best if you’re renting can you?

Some helpful hints in choosing a custom ball

– When you go out and get your ball also pick up a pair of your own shoes and you must get a bag for your ball as well.

– To get the most accurate span measurement make sure you exercise your hand before being fitted for a ball.

– If you suffer from arthritis, tell the operator of the pro shop so the ball can be altered according to your needs.

How To Buy A Used Bowling Ball

Used bowling balls are much cheaper than new ones and it may be best for those who don’t bowl often but still don’t want to use the ones down at the lanes. You can head on down to your local pro shop and pick up a used bowling ball and they may also have other bowlers who’ll be willing to trade balls with you. It is not uncommon for team mates on a bowling team to trade balls with one another. As startling as it may be, used balls are better than new ones, but make sure if you buy a used ball that the surface is in good condition, without deep cracks and scratches. Never choose a ball that has a damaged cover or sounds hollow when tapped with a solid object.

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