Four Popular Types Of Balls Bowlers Should Be Aware Of

Bowling is an exciting sport where it’s competitors make attempts of knocking down pins with a ball. It seems easy until one takes a ball into his or her hand. Bowling is an art and a science that requires time out of anyone who wants to have mastery over it.

Choosing the correct ball is essential if one wants to have any fun and success. Every ball is unique and is specifically designed for different people. Age, physical attributes, and strategy plays a great role in the selection of a ball. Bowling balls come in different sizes, different weights, and are made up of different materials.

Here are the different types of bowling balls that are available:

Plastic Balls

Plastic balls are the cheapest and most common balls that are found within bowling alleys around the world. It is advisable to use them on older lanes. Newer lanes will make it difficult for the bowler to have full control over the direction of the ball.

Resin Balls

Resin balls are travel pretty fast once they leave the hand. Portions of resin are added to these balls. The presence of resin helps the bowler get a better grip on the lanes.

Urethane Balls

These type of balls are excellent for bowling novices. Their hook and softness helps the novice avoid throwing the ball into the lanes.

Particle Balls

These balls are manufactured with a mixture of glass particles and resin. They are a true favorite amongst the more advanced bowlers due to the control that is given to the user.

Almost anyone will enjoy the excitement that bowling brings. Bowling balls comes in different weights and are made up of various materials. Choosing the correct ball will help anyone develop an outstanding talent that must be reckoned with on the lanes!

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