Delivering Hook Techniques in Bowling

There are three ways to master the technique of the hooking. First off use an conventional by putting you fingers down to the second knuckle. You can hook a ball this way, you want to make sure your thumb comes out first then your fingers up the side of the ball as if you are going to shake hands with another person. The next way is to finger tip, by putting your fingers into the first knuckle. First put in your fingers then your thumb.
When your thumb comes out you get more roll the ball back onto your wrist when you release the ball it comes off you wrist and your fingers come up the side of the ball. The third and final way is to put your fingers in the ball rolls the ball up place you opposite hand on it then rock it back as if your trying to through something heavy your hand comes off your wrist comes off and your fingers come off smoothly. This technique is used by jason belmonte a fella who is on the PBA tour. Keep in mind that you have to try to get your hand to rotate counter clockwise. Make sure you have your head over the ball ,your hand is going to rotate about half a turn not going to fly your elbow and not going to twist the arm and wile throwing the ball you have to create side rotation. Thats about it for hooking.
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