Valley Bowling Lanes

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Bowling is one of the best hobbies for a beginner. It’s known for it’s relative ease and fun, being laid back, and being accessible to everyone of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skills. With bowling alleys in every town, having leagues, teams, and tournaments open to all skill levels, it’s a great option for anyone with a hectic schedule, or just someone who wants to go out socially for a good time.
The rules of bowling are very simple. Roll the ball down the lane, try to knock down as many pins as possible! Don’t cross the line with your feet, and make sure that you aim well so it doesn’t go into the gutter. Points are scored by the amount of pins you knock over, with bonuses given for strikes, knocking over all the pins on your first roll, and spares, cleaning up the rest of the pins on the second roll. That’s it! Sooner or later you’ll be knocking down strikes with ease.

The technique of bowling is the hardest aspect of bowling to master, and it’s important that it’s done right to minimize injury and maximize speed and spin. Stretching beforehand is key. Make sure that the ball that you choose is a good weight for you, and with finger holes that are comfortable. A good way to start out is bent at the knees, body bent slightly forward, and bring the ball back comfortably, releasing the ball at a very low point. It’s good practice to make sure that the ball is released without bouncing and to release the ball in a way that it doesn’t hurt your wrist. In no time the practice will make your technique perfect, and you’ll be impressing your friends every time you bowl!

Valley Bowling Lanes
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